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Serving A Beautiful Antipasto Platter That Will Amaze

Antipasto means “before a meal.” It's served before a meal. It is natural to assume that your guest will arrive at the party hungry. You may rush to bring food to cater to the hunger needs of your guests. But that is because you may not know that an antipasto platter is what is needed to prepare your guests for dinner.

It comprises delicacies such as bread, vegetables, cheese, almond seeds, and a variety of fruits; all served together as a mixture in a beautifully designed cheese or charcuterie board.

Below are some things to consider:

Should Contain Foods Low in Calories but High in Vitamins

The main goal of the platter is to hone the appetite, and nothing does it better that foods rich in vitamins. So, you should buy a variety of fruits and foods loaded with minerals. It also aims to drive a valuable conversation. You don’t have to be a professional nutritionist, but a little knowledge about the nutritional value of different vegetables and fruits will cause you to amaze most of your guests. It will also successfully whet your guests’ appetite.

Select beautiful Arrays of Flavours and Colours

When shopping for the different delicacies of the antipasto platter, don’t pick randomly. Consider their colours. Choose only those that have attractive colours. See what colour blends well with which. Also, consider the natural beauty of these delicacies. For example, a pink bruised colour won’t be attractive. You can choose bright pink without scars. These foods should be fresh and colourful. The green colour should be attractively green, not one that has faded or didn’t form well. Also, you need to consider the flavour. If you are buying a professional antipasto platter from a Melbourne food platter company such as Fara Feasts then they will take care of the leg work for you. But you will need to help your caterer understand what you are trying to achieve so they can create the perfect solution for your event.

Beautiful Trays/Board

The beauty of the platter matters. Purchase those with an elegant design and attractively decorated. If you decide to use a cheese board, ensure it is beautifully decorated with shiny flowery paper all around. The guests will first like the platter and will desire to eat the content it carries. Choose a large size so you can serve the guest fast and with ease. The people you’ve invited will determine the number of trays you’ll need.

Arrangement and Cleaning

Ensure that you’ve washed all the fruits and vegetables thoroughly with warm water. Put a little vinegar into the water you intend to rinse them. Then wipe all of them with a dry clean cotton cloth. Ensure that they have no water as you arrange them neatly in the platter. You can decide to mix all of them, or you place them differently according to their types. Whichever way you choose, do it neatly. Cover the platters with a transparent light paper that reveals what’s inside and prevents dirt, dust, and germs from penetrating. Place them on different tables as you proudly wait on your guests. If you are setting up a grazing table for your wedding like the ones found here then you should ensure that the grazing table is accompanied with a clean table cloth and provide fresh napkins.


An antipasto platter is as essential as the meal that follows it. Once the beauty and deliciousness attractively draws the guests, they will long to take dinner or other meals. But if not, most will claim they are full already and leave the meals. The above tips will help you make an antipasto platter that will amaze your guests.